Makeup evolution

I saw this on Sophie Foster's channel, makeup today vs past makeup. I thought it would be fun to take my own spin on it. Throwback Lauren's makeup is all eyeliner and eyebrows, nothing much has changed, to be honest. I just learnt how to somewhat do both, I try anyway.

The right side of the face, makeup now. The left side of the face is the throwback makeup. I know there doesn't seem to be an awful lot of difference, trust me there is.
I legit used to do my makeup very minimal.  All eyeliner and nothing much else. I used to rim my tight line and water line. Now there's nothing wrong with this, but I just think it makes my eyes really tiny. 

I couldn't picture using 4 products now. I don't think I could, I used to use my black eyeliner on my eyebrows. No word of a lie. My poor eyebrows. Now my foundation wasn't as good as this l'Oreal one, Maybelline dream matte mouse anyone?

Nowadays my makeup changes daily, only a few of these products would I use every single time I do my makeup. I definitely use a lot more makeup products than I used to. Now I'm still learning how to do makeup I'm no MUA. But I think I can do my own makeup semi ok. 

Soap & Glory do some fab makeup bits, their powder and lip products are amazing. The solar powder is perfect for bronzing paler skins. Talking about pale skin for contour the Nyx taupe blush is really too. 

Is there any products here that you use? Let me know. I think it's funny looking back on how I used to my makeup when I first starting wearing it at 15/16.

Love Lauren xx

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