I think it's about time for another doggie post, there isn't enough on the internet. Don't forget you can catch up and here the story of my pets down below.

After Snoop passed away, we still had Fizz but the house was still very quiet. We were always used to having the two dogs in our house. So Missy came along, she came along at the right time for us. Her past owners didn't have the time for her as they thought they would, she was only 2 at the time.

So come August 2017 we'll have Missy 3 years and she'll be 5. I can't believe this is the third year we have her. She's a wee diva but in the best kind of way. She's the most friendly wee dog ever and she was so happy to come and live with us.

Missy really fitted in with the family, she's been through a lot with us in her short time with us so far. We only had a few months the Christmas 2014 my Daddy passed away, she was so scared with everything going on in our house that day. I just remember sitting in the kitchen with her because she was so scared. She was fine, we were fine.

Now she's just really chill and loves spending time people.Staffies always have a bad reputation which I hate because I've grown up with one in my life since the age of 6. Like any dog, any breed if they are loved and taken care of they will return that love.

Love Lauren xx

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