Favourite Instagram accounts

Not going to lie, Instagram has been a pain to everyone. Dodgy accounts, dodgy followers, dodgy likes. So I'm going to share with you some of my favourite accounts that I follow.

Instagram is one of social media that everyone paints the 'perfect' life for themselves. But not everything in life is about hoe many likes you have or how many followers. Like Social Media, I like to take Instagram with a pinch of salt. 

I love Sophie's photo's she puts so much effort into her feed, her little doggie is so cute. And to make things even better she loves Harry Potter as much as I do.

Amreetaa's has a mix of everything from her life, which I love. It shows how much a fab person she is and sounds weird but I love her eyebrows. They are the perfect brows.

If you love books you need to follow Lucy, I love just scrolling through her feed to get some book inspiration and recommendations.

A fellow NI blogger, I love Lauren's blog and her Instagram feed is beautiful. It's a beauty lovers dream.

Katie takes the best photos, her feed is just stunning, stunning is a good word for it. I need her makeup collection.

If you love glitter you need to follow India right now, her makeup skills are out of  this world. I love her sense of style and her YouTube videos are incredible too.

Chelsea's blog is amazing and so is her Instagram, her fashion sense is amazing she can pull of anything.

I love seeing what Bethany does next, she can have a thought and mange to put it in a makeup look. She's amazing at what she does.

A Belfast based blogger, Katy's atheistic is incredible. Her tattoos are amazing, I could scroll through her feed all day long.

Antonia's account is so bright and colourful, which represents her so well. Her content is always on point without a doubt.

Lupe's Instagram is only a recent discovery for me but I've been loving going through her feed.

I hope you found some new people to check out and to follow.
Love Lauren xx

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