Favourite films

Films are my favourite, I might not know much about films. But I do like to watch and discuss them with my friends.

Not going to lie, when I was thinking about this post I didn't realise how much romantic comedy style films I loved. Everyone has their own tastes so we're rolling with it.
I love Bridget Jones, she's so funny. Stupidly funny. I could watch it over and over again, it'll never get old. What did you think of Bridget Jone's baby? I only watched it when it came out on DVD, where you as pleased with the ending as I was?

Please tell me that you have watched Labyrinth? If not get on it, just checked there it's on Netflix. You've got David Bowie in, so what more do you want. It was made in the 80's so don't be expecting this whole big production. It's so weird but I love it. Childhood in one film.

Melissa McCarthy, what a funny lady, If she wasn't in Bridesmaids, it wouldn't be as good. I think. She's brilliant. Again I could watch this over and over again. Can you tell  I like romantic comedy? No? Let's move on then shall we?

It wouldn't be a favourite films post if I didn't talk about Dirty Dancing. I actually went to an outside cinema a few years back to watch this, it was a brilliant night. The big scene at the end everyone was up dancing, it was great. 

Dreamgirls is definitely one of my favourite movie musicals, not only is there all the glitz and the glam. There's some real life shit goes down and I think that's why I love it, doesn't make life out to be perfect. I really want to see this on the stage, wouldn't it be so good?

Walk The Line, a biopic all about Johnny Cash. Not going to lie, I never listened to Johnny Cash much beforehand or know much about his life. I first watched the film about a good 5 years back, if you haven't watched Walk the Line before watch it, you'll not regret it. Well worth the watch.

What are some of your favourite films?

Love Lauren xx

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