Hair journey

I thought I'd share with you some of my hair colours over the years, I haven't had any crazy colours but I've had some dodgy cuts and colours over the years.

We're starting out with 16-year-old Lauren, black hair and extensions. I can't deal with my red hair being on the internet right now. So black hair is where we're starting. 

 When I was about 17 I grew out my black hair and chopped it off.

I still had some black at the ends of my hair & by this point, the whole Ombre was a trend. Just don't do it at home I wouldn't recommend. My hair was ruined.

Remember Kylie Jenner dyed her hair blue, my inspiration right here. I loved my blue hair, but it did fade a bit dodgy on it.

I ended up having to dye my hair to get rid of the greeny blue, my hair didn't have a clue what colour it was.

Which through time lighten up and blonde made a comeback, I was sick of looking at the bright blonde. So I darkened the ends.

I knew I had it short of this, I was bored of the ombre. But not for very long.

Once I got my hair a bit longer, I got a bit of highlights through the lengths. Just to change it up.


Back to dark

Now back to ombre.


As of now, I'm purple, which I used the new L'Oreal semi-permanent hair dyes. There will be a review soon up on the blog. But I'm loving the purple.

I think ombre will always be my thing that I'll always have, one way or another. Because my hair is quite dark naturally, I always wanted a bit of definition in my hair. Which ombre gives me perfectly.

Have you ever had any crazy colours over the years?
Let me know

Love Lauren xx

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