So we've met all of my other doggies, today we come to the last post about Marley boy. Don't forget you can meet all the rest of my dogs here.

Last year for my 21st birthday my Mummy got Marley as a present, he's still my wee puppy. Even though he's a year old already, I can't believe we only have him a year. It's been a crazy year.

Yes he is standing on the table, I don't know what I'm raring either tbh.
I remember when Marley first came to live with us, he was so quiet and shy. But that only lasted a few days trust me. We still had Lady at this point, they play fought all of the time. He clicked so quick with Fizz and Missy so quick.

Then we all know what happened with Lady, if not click on her post up above. About just over month we had Marley, his bestie came Baby Belle. The terrible two, they are so funny together. Legit the play chasies with one another no joke.

Love Lauren xx

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