Soundtrack to my life tag

 A few years back I saw this tag on both Lily Melrose and Zoe London's YouTube, and I thought it would the perfect post for this week. Watch both of their videos here.

Check out the playlist of all of these songs over on Spotify here.

Song you listen to when you're happy?
Beyonce - end of time

Song you listen to when you're sad?

Drake - One Dance, has to something upbeat.

What song will you have at your wedding?
Either Mad Sounds Arctic Monkeys or Leather and Lace Stevie Nicks & Don Henley.

What song do you dance around the house to?
Proud Mary - TIna Turner. I wouldn't expect anything else from this question.

Song you play on your headphones when out and about?
Just what I'm really into atm, right now it's Harry Styles' album. Which I talked about here.

Song you listen to when you're angry?
Can't Stop Red Hot Chili Peppers

Song you'd have at your funeral?
Oasis Champagne Supernova

Song that makes you lose your shit at a party?
Arctic Monkeys I bet you look good on the dance floor.

The last song you listened to?
Little Mix Power ft Stomzy

Your karaoke song?
Alanis Morissette You Oughta Know

What song do you work out/exercise to?
Beyonce ft Jay Z Drunk in Love

Song with the most memories attached?
Not a song, but a band. And that has to be Paramore, my 16 year old self is dying over their new music.

Song that makes you cry?
Bette Midler Wind Beneath My Wings, my Daddy's favourite song.

Song you hate the most?
The one thing that sticks out in my head, it would be a good song. But Boyfriend by Justin Bieber. The word swag just makes me cringe, I can't.

Your favourite song of all time?
When You Were Young The Killers & Dreams Fleetwood Mac.

Not going to lie, I don't full get my music taste either. But we're rolling with it. Let me know some of your answers to these questions.

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Love Lauren xx

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