Kiss Summer party

Back at the start of June, I was luckily invited to my first ever event as a blogger, by the guys over at Alex Silver PR. They are based in London and this was their first time over in glory old Belfast. The actual party was held on the rooftop of the Merchant hotel in the city centre, and it is absolutely stunning. 

This was actually my first time in the Merchant itself, I'm definitely not fancy enough for. I'm more of a bar and pint kind of girl, but putting that a side lol. It was the best night. Let's have a chat all about it. 

Two brands that Alex Silver are working with is Kiss and Impress, which is what the event was all about.
Before the event started I met up with some of the NI blogger girls for a drink in The Cloth Ear, which is right next to the Merchant itself. Which was really nice, I'd recommend The Cloth Ear for a drink, I'd go back no problem. 

I couldn't get over the whole set up of the event, the whole atmosphere was amazing. During the event, we could get Kiss lashes applied and also get our nails done. I didn't get a chance to get my nails applied but I did get my lashes on. 

I was buzzing over the fact that I got my lashes on by the best about, Paddy McGurgan. Paddy is a pro make up artist, over in NI he has 3 of his Makeup Pro Stores. Which sells loads of high-end makeup from Lime Crime and Makeup Forever. A few members of Paddy's staff were there too, to apply lashes on people.

From the picture you can see how much lashes there was to choose from, I'm no good at applying lashes, so I was watching what Paddy was doing like a hawk. On arrival, we got handed a free drink and then we got told there was an open bat. Who was I to say no to that?

These burgers were well good, btw. I'd love 1 or 2 of them now. I can't remember the exact name of the lashes that I had on but you can sort of see them on me here.

On our way home, since there were more nails and lashes over we could take more home if we liked. And this was on top of our amazing goodie bag, here are some of the amazing contents.

L-R Victoria from Retro SnowflakesSara from Hello Sara LouLauren from Lauren the Daydreamer and last but not least and who all of the photo credit goes to Katy from Katy Belle

I can't believe I finally got to meet the girls, I have met Victoria before but the others I've just spook a lot to on Twitter. Even though we've all spoken to just online it didn't feel awkward at all. It was so good to finally put a face to a blog, we all just really clicked. I haven't a bad word to say about the girls. 

I'm really hoping the guys from Alex Silver decide to come back to Belfast, they held a well run awesome event. Thanks so much for inviting me.

Love Lauren xx

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