Pretty Little Liars final reaction *SPOILERS AHEAD*

I think we all should know that I loved PLL (so much effort to keep typing out Pretty Little Liars lol). I started watching it about just over 2 years ago, which isn't that long, considering people have been watching it from the very start in 2010. Now if you haven't watched PLL, it's all on Netflix.

  There may be 7 seasons, but you'll just want to binge. If you do watch and haven't fully caught up yet, let's leave each other here. I don't want to spoil anyone.

Right, are we all caught up? Here we go

Lucas, why are we dancing?

Jenna, why are we on a horse?

A dream sequence makes sense.

Aww how cute they all did the ssh in the opening titles

One year later, wasn't expecting that

Twins, we've twins. It's like that episode of friends.

Awk, there he is. Our Toby.

I did love Toby and Spencer together.

Addison, you're messing with the wrong girl.

Oh Jenna, Jenna, Jenna.

Mona where did you go?

Wait? Melissa? This isn't how AD is announced. It can't be

Awk Aria, you'll figure it out/

How cute was Aria's Daddy's speech to Ezra though?

PLL Mummy's together.

Oh, what's Pam giving to Ali?

Awk this isn't happening, a ring.

Imagine Emily said no lol, I'm awful. And Emily wouldn't do that

How much damage can Mona do in one night? Well let's not go there

Mona? Why punch Spencer like that?

Ok, where are we?

Boo? Who?

Mary, how did you get out of prison?

Spencer? A twin? An English twin?

That accent though

Wren, of course.

Alex Drake

Twincer is a thing

Ok, what has Spencer actually done for herself?

I'm awful confused

RIP Wren

But here Aria's wedding dress, not a fan

Wren is baby Daddy, didn't see that one coming.

Awk Aria, poor Aria.

Of all people to take Ezra? Dude's getting married.

Charlotte and Alex.

I need to watch this all again.

Oh, Alex, the horse knows his owner.

Toby knows there's something up

Oh so does Jenna.

They figured that all out pretty quick

Of course, Alex bought Toby's house

Who has time to build a fake community

Fight, fight, fight. Who's winning though?

Oh Toby, sensible question

Go on you girl ya Spencey.

Bought time someone rang the cops.

Now that's a better dress Aria

Oh, crap a text.

Oh Marlene

Finally, they're married.

Awk the girls are all together and happy.

Awk Hanna's pregnant, yay!

'It feels like the end of something' let's not say stuff like that Ali

Paris? Creepy dolls?

Awk Mona

Hold on that was the cop wasn't it?

Where's Mona going?

A doll house?

Ok an actual doll house with Mary and Alex, wtf.

So the cops just let the whole Mary getting out of jail thing go.

No way, they actually brought it back to the other girls.

Can you believe PLL is over for good? I can't deal with it, I really need to watch it all over again. I miss it already.

What was your favourite part? What did you think of the whole Twincer plot? I still don't know how I feel about the whole situation tbh.

Love Lauren xx

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