What I've been loving

I don't  even know where to begin, there's just so much going on since my last post. The joys of being an adult eh. But anyway, I didn't want to feel pressured to write a blog post when I wasn't 100% in the zone to write. 

So let's get talking about all of the things I've been loving over the past wee while. So let's get stuck in shall we.


I've loved trying out different types of teas other than the original box standard tea that I usually drink. So to help me sleep at night I love the Pukka night time tea and I've had a lot of problems with my stomach recently. My friend suggested peppermint tea and it's been really helping calm down my stomach. Once you start getting used to the weirdness of each tea, you will start to like it, trust me.

Gin and ginger ale
On a completely different note, gin has been my drink of choice recently. I never liked it with tonic. But my sister told me to try it with ginger ale, it's so nice. If you're looking for a drink where you can taste how strong the alcohol is, this is the one for you.


L'Oreal Hydra genius 
I picked this up after coming home from holidays,  my skin was awful dry and sunburnt. This is the only thing that helped my skin, I think I found my new favourite moisturiser. It's really lightweight but leaves the skin feeling refreshed and moisturised, can't recommend it enough

Haim - Something to tell you
This is the album I've been waiting for. There's me thinking their first album was unreal, I take that back. Their first album was unreal don't get me wrong, but if you haven't give something to tell you a listen. Fix it now.

Travel/ events
If you follow me on my social media (which is always linked down below), you'll know that I was away on my holidays a few weeks back. I was away for a week, tell you what though factor 50 is a must in life. Now it wasn't a mad holiday, but still, it was an amazing week. I'd definitely go back to Tenerife for sure.

Kiss summer party
At the start of June, I was able to attend the Kiss Summer party in the Merchant hotel in Belfast. Which was hosted by Alex Silver PR, it was the best night. And it was my first event as a blogger which made it all the better. I'll be sure to post all about it in it in a few weeks, to fill you all in about it.

Love Island
Who hasn't been watching Love Island? Now, this is my first year watching the show and I'm really questioning why. Seriously Love Island is worth the watch just for the memes, the love island reactions facebook page is everything. Love Island, how would I describe it. A bunch of guys and girls go a villa in Majorca, find love or risk being dumbed of the Island. That's just a short explanation. But I Camilla has been my favourite this year, her and Jamie though. But I've still to catch up on a few episodes, so my opinion could well and truly be changed.

Pretty Little Liars
Ohh, don't worry I'm preparing a whole final thoughts post which I'm will be posted soon. I'm happy and baffled with the final. But I won't say anything here and I'll go into much more detail in my post. But OMG. 

From the age of around 16/17, I think, me and my friend were obsessed with The Mortal Instruments book series. The first book got made into a film, terrible. Saying nothing else about it. Since then I was always sceptical about it getting picked up again. But Shadowhunters came about, I was really pleasantly surprised by it. Like I'll never fully judge a show by it's the first season, I'll try and at least give it a go. Now we're at season 2 and it's really starting to impress me, I'll be watching for however many seasons they continue to bring out. 

It's me, this post was always going to be rambly let's be honest. But it feels good to back and blogging again, I'm excited. See you Sunday xx

Love Lauren

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