Makeup chats

Do you ever just want to chat shit about makeup? I'm feeling it so that's what we're going to talk about today. Yes, it's Monday, yes we didn't get a post yesterday. So there's that lol.

I used some of my favourite products as well as some new things, so shall we see how I used all of this on my face.

10 things about me

How have I come up with 10 more things about myself? Who am I? Here are my past posts all about me  (lol) here A-Z of Lauren & 15 facts about me. This is me we're talking about, we all know how much I ramble

1. I used to use a black kohl eye liner for my eyebrows. My hair was black, I hadn't a clue about makeup and my brows were shit. It was actually Helen Anderson's reacting to her old makeup video that reminded me about this. My poor brows.


One thing I didn't plan on posting, not anytime soon, was a doggie post. Well, well, well we've made a comeback. We're  introducing Tiny the little Chihuahua.

How cute is she though? This photo wasn't even planned, I just happened to look over and she was laying on her wee teddy.

That Lame Company: Box of Lame

I got this box before I went on holiday this year, which was around 2 months ago would you believe. I got That Lame Company's, that lame box. Which is my absolute favourite box to pick up, you receive all of the stationary goodness you could ever want.

That Lame Company is also under a whole rebrand to A Little Amber, I couldn't be more excited to see what will become of this brand.

You can read all about my past box here, for even more stationery goodness.

Books I want to read 📚

Books, I do have a few. But the question is, have I read them all? Nope. So let's chat about all of the books I want to read. 

I got this little quote card from a birch box I'm near sure of it. There's a lot we've to get through, so let's get started, shall we?

Laur chats: me & education

So since it's heading into that time of year,  results are coming out, uni options are being decided. I thought I'd share with you my story with education. Just so you know, just because it didn't work out for you the first time doesn't mean it's the end. Keep your options opened.

I was always told 'Lauren you have so much potential', it was always written in reports etc, but the education system was not for me.