One thing I didn't plan on posting, not anytime soon, was a doggie post. Well, well, well we've made a comeback. We're  introducing Tiny the little Chihuahua.

How cute is she though? This photo wasn't even planned, I just happened to look over and she was laying on her wee teddy.
 How did we happen to get another dog? Well, my brother got her of Tiny's past owners but he couldn't keep her. So she stayed with us for one night and hasn't gone back. She was so quiet when she first came to stay, but after a week we heard a bark and that was that. Tiny was with her owners for 3 years so it took her a while to get used to all of us and the rest of the doggies.

She's been with us for around a month now and she's fitted in well, she may be the smallest but she thinks she's the boss. 

She does tend to sleep sitting up, I don't know why. 

About a week or so after we got her, Tiny got out from our back garden and that was a stressful Sunday morning. Because she is so small she could squeeze herself through anywhere, luckily 2 girls found her around our area. The power of social media eh. But when we got her back, she's been grounded lol.

So that's Tiny and you'll be seeing more of her on my social media

Love Lauren xx

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