Hello October 🎃🍁🍂

It's been almost a month, give or take a few days. So much has happened in my life since my last post, but now I'm feeling myself and want to get back into the things I love. Well trying to anyway.
I just want to have a chat with you, just a little admin to get ourselves in some sort of order.

xoxo print & copper leaves are from that lame company, which has sadly closed.
Ohh and my dream catcher is from Tenerife.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you would've seen me post about my Granny Rosie, she sadly passed almost 2 weeks ago now. So getting through these past few weeks have been hard not going to lie. Grief is a funny thing isn't, it affects everyone so differently. I don't think it's really hit home yet, just taking it day by day. It's the holiday season is when it's really hard, isn't it? Granny had a Halloween party every year, even years before I was born. So yeah, I'm heartbroken, she was such a lovely woman she loved all of her family.  I'm going to leave this hear, I'm getting emosh.

How is it October, this year has just flown by it's scary. But October is my favourite month of the year, I've the Halloween playlist out but I haven't watched Hocus Pocus yet. Which will be sorted asap, trust me. Ohh everything is back on TV this month I watch, TWD The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl & Legends of Tomorrow. I'm so excited. I must do like a favourites post, that will be my next post actually. I've watched a lot of TV shows recently that I've just loved and want to share with you.

If you followed me on Instagram last year, last October. I took part in Meggan from the blog Cardigan Jezebel monthly photo challenge, this year I'm bringing it back. Just for something to try and make me love Instagram again, it used to be my absolute favourite. So follow me here, if you would like to see what I get up to and don't forget to join in.

So I know it's not a lengthy post,  but I just wanted to put a post out to you guys just to say I'm back in business. Don't forget to come back on Wednesday for my recent favourites

Love Lauren xx

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