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As promised in Sunday's post (read here) I'm here to talk about my current favourites. I love to share with you all sorts of random stuff with you, so let's carry on, shall we. As we can see there is a lot to go through. Also, I was going to talk about tv & films I've been loving, but I think I'm going to put up a completely different post on Sunday. I've watched a lot of shows in the past few months, which are amazing. So keep a look out for that.

I legit just picked this up today, but I love it. It feels so nice and moisturising on lips, not drying at all.  If you're on the hunt for a new liquid lipstick, check these ones from L'Oreal, on the plus side, they do smell rather nice. I'm dying to pick up some more of these, probably some of the more nude shades.

I'm near sure that I've never mentioned this on here before if I have well that's awkward. I'm currently on my third tube, it gives my lashes everything that I want in a mascara. It gives both volume and length, it's worth the hype. There are a few different colours to try out as well if you're feeling adventurous.

I've never been in love with a blush, blush is blusher it's there. But I think I've found the one I'm completely obsessed with, this is my first product I've tried from Tanya since her very first collection a few years back. It's a shimmery blush, but it's not in your face at all. It can be used as a highlight too, which I can't complain about either, I love a good highlight.

I picked this up a few months back and I've gotten so much use out of it, the quality and the price tag of £8.00. You can't be bad to that, Revolution's shadows are some of my favourites from the drugstore, they have so much to chose from as well. This one is filled with deep pinks and oranges which I love for this time of year especially.


I've been slowly finding my love for reading again, I've just fallen completely out of love with it. So I've been easing myself back into it. So in my last favourites post, I mentioned my love of poetry. It's something I've only ever read in school so I want to share my collection so far.

Rupi Kaur, here is her Instagram which I'm sure you're already following, is where it all started for me and this love of poetry, and I love her for it. And her new book was just realised there at the start of the month, so I'm excited to get stuck into her latest venture.

Savannah's book is another recent purchase for me, I've only read a few of the poems in this collection. But I love her style of writing and I've loved her YouTube channel for ages now, check her out here.

I've followed Charlene and her blog (check it out here) for a while, and I was so excited for when she realised her poetry collection. It's all about her suffering with mental health and some of her poems have really stuck with me.

I've been loving Roald Dahl's short story collection, they're so weird and creepy I love it. Perfect for this time of year too, I'd definitely recommend it.

Let me know all of your favourites down below and I'll see you on Sunday.

Love Lauren xx

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