Makeup Revoution x Soph palette

Happy November
If it's a warm-toned, Autumnal palette you're looking for Soph's palette is the one for you. Now I have a few Makeup Revolution palettes but, not going to lie this is my absolute favourite. Soph from Sophdoesnails is one of my favourite YouTubers, I was so pleased for her when she released her video all about the palette. Here is Soph's video all about her palettes and why she choose the names of the shadows. For the eyeshadow palette, it's £10 and the highlight palette £8, so it's easy on the bank.

I've only the eyeshadow palette but I really want to try out Soph's highlight palette, we all know how much I love a good highlight. Now there are a few swatches in here, I'm not the best swatcher in the world but we're dealing with that. Swatcher? Is that even a word?

24 shades for £10, I mean where else would you get it? That's why I love Makeup Revoultion, you can get brilliant makeup for such reasonable prices. I'm loving the whole packaging of the palette, it's so different to the Makeup Revolution palettes that I've seen and the touch of the rose gold/copper just adds to the look.

Let's get stuck into the shade names and swatches, shall we?

Top row: top to bottom, penguin, pancakes, fairy lights, pink champagne, iced coffee, cuppa tea.
This row is filled with your transition shades and 2 shimmers. I love penguin to set my eye primer, it doesn't look like much on my skin. But once applied on the eye it does the job.

Second row: top to bottom, grow old, sparks fly, smokey bronze, mixed berries, tiramisu, peaches.
I love mixed berries, but I haven't got around to incorporating it into a look yet, also peaches is perfect for that orangey vibes. 

Third row: top to bottom, cloudberry, pumpkin, pine tree, petrol, pug, danger
I haven't stopped wearing pumpkin, I've been wearing it all over the eye with iced coffee in the crease. It's the perfect autumn look for someone who's useless at eye makeup.

Last row: top to bottom, strawberry sweets, festive flame, copper coin, mug cake, rosewood, nightmare.
Copper coin is another one of my favourite shades, it's my perfect copper shade that I was looking for. Copper shades are my go-to for this time of year. Also how gorgeous is strawberry sweets, I'm a sucker for all of the warm tones.

This palette has everything I need, filled with all of the transition shades, pops of colour and something the everyday person can work with. Huge congrats to Soph for creating such an amazing palette with Makeup Revolution, you've done an amazing job. 

Also, I hope to have a makeup look on the blog in a few weeks so keep an eye out for that.

Love Lauren xx

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