10 things that make me smile

I thouht this would be nice to add into Blogmas, is this a tag? I'm near sure it is. But anyway, not the point. Anyway, since I've been feeling a bit shit recenlty. I thought I needed this just to make myself feel better.

Plus how massive is this mug, which I got from the pound shop. Which is so good, I love finding things like this in the poundshop. Go in for one thing, come out with a pile of stuff I don't need. #relatable 
1. Hot drinks
Tea, coffee, hot chocolate. Give me the lot, no bother. I love coming home after a long day at work to a nice cup of tea before bed. Can't beat it.

2. Binge watching
I love a binge watch, I hate waiting weekly on shows. My most recent binge was Stranger Things 2, watched it one day. The day it came out, what a day. I had that whole week off work, kind of the reason I booked it off so I could watch it. Brilliant show and I'm ready for season 3. 

3. Spending time with family and friends.
I have a a big family so it's hard to get everyone together. So catching up with everyone is just lovely
. Also, a few of my friends live over in England, so the get together when they're home is always amazing.

I've fallen back in love with watching YouTube all over again, so if you want to see who I've been watching come back in a few day. Or follow me on twitter and I'll tweet the link out once it's been published.

5. Blogging
I need to take a break from blogging from time to time, just to clear my head and feel inspred again. But I love the friends I've made from it, it's the reason I've kept going with my blog to be honest with you.

6. Chilling out
I'm introvert, whole heartly. So I need to take the time on my own just to recharge the batteries. Just taking even an hour to myself can make all the difference.

7. Sleep
Not well, sleep. Couldn't be annoyed sleep. Lazy day, sleep. It sorts everything out, just refreshes your mind completely, if you're not feeling 100%.

8. Dogs
I think we can all know how much I love dogs, like ever since I was 6 years I've had a dog in my life. So 16 years and 7 dogs later, here we are. Yes there is currently 5 dogs living in my house, don't ask. But I love them all the same lol

9. Seeing people I care about do well in life
Weather they are doing well in their personal or career life or just life tbh, I love seeing people truly happy in what they're doing. 

10. Books 
I own to much books, I know that. But they are my happy place. I could spend all day in a book shop, just looking at all the books, I love looking at people's own personal library and talk about their recommendations. Here's my book shelf tour if you fancy havng a read.

What are some things that put a smile on your face, let me know?

Love Lauren xx

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