15 favourites of 2017

I wanted to do yearly favourites, I can't even remember if I did 2016 version. I don't think I did. A few months back I watched a video over on Meg Says channel all about her 15 favourites, (which you can watch here) I thought that would be a such a good idea to do yearly favs like that. All credit goes to Meg for this idea, so go check out her channel and give her some love.
So that's what we're going to be talking about, 15 things to talk about. Get yourself some tea and take a seat, because we are here for a long time.

Stranger Things 2

If you haven't watched Stranger Things yet, what are you doing? You've 2 full seasons to watch, so loads to binge. Set in the 80's a sci-fi show on Netflix, starting off we met Dystin Mike Lucas and Will. But Will goes missing, we follow the investigation of finding him. Then we meet 11. I'll leave it there, don't want any spoilers/

Ok, I'm cheating on this one, I put all my music favourites under one title. But 2017 has had some brilliant albums released. So I'm going to tell you my favourite songs from each album

Haim Something to tell you - Night so long, something to tell you and want you back

 Dua Lipa  - IDGAF, Begging, New Rules

Harry Styles -Carolina, Kiwi, Only Angel

Khloe Kardashian, Strong looks better naked
One of a few books I actually read this year, but it's by far one of my favourites. I found it really motivating and inspiring, any book that makes you feel like that after I'm all for. It's one of those books where if I'm feeling low I'll go and read a few chapters of to lift my mood, Khloe did a brilliant job with this book. And if you've been on the internet these past few days, you'll have seen that Khloe and her boyfriend Tristan are having a baby. Congrats to the pair, they'll be amazing parents.

This year I went on my first foreign holiday to Tenerife, it was brilliant. Got burnt on the first day obviously. Factor 50 is the way forward. Besides that I had a brilliant time away, it was just so relaxing and good for the mind to get away from reality. I'd definitely go back to Tenerife in a heartbeat.

In March this year, I became an Auntie for the 8th time, you heard me right. Auntie x8. So yeah 9 months ago now Noah was born, it's crazy how time flies in. Feels like it was only the other week my sister told me she was pregnant. Now he's here, he's the cutest wee thing and I'm not only saying that because he's my nephew. But he's the best wee baby about.

Nyx liquid suede
Hands down, my favourite formula I've tried for a liquid lipstick, Any I've tried are so drying on the lips and doesn't look good. But the liquid suede applies so nicely, doesn't dry up the lips and actually re applies decently too. You can't go wrong, I've recommended them to everyone.

At the very start of the year, Sherlock season 4 made an appearance which I wasn't complaining about. There's not enough episodes or seasons in my eyes, we need more. The creators choose so well with Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock, I couldn't picture anyone else playing the character now. It's a modern take on Arther Conon Doyle's detective works, I haven't read any yet. But I really want to get stuck in.

Beauty & the Beast live action
f Beauty and the Beast, it's been one of my favourite Disney films for years and I was so excited for the live action. The added wee details and songs just made it even better than I thought it was going to be. It exceeded all expectations I had for it, and so did Emma Watson as Belle. She did an amazing performance as her.

Makeup Revolution x Soph palette
Soph from Soph does nails Youtube channel, collaborated with Makeup Revolution on an eyeshadow and a highlight palette. I've only tried the eyeshadow palette, the shadows are just the kind of shades I'd expect from Sophie. All of the warm tones, with a few added colours. It's the perfect palette for anyone to use, and for £10 you can't go wrong. A little plug, here is my review of the palette if you want to check it out.

Blogosphere mag 
Last Christmas time I picked the Blogosphere magazine, which I'm so glad I did. A magazine filled with all the blogging goodness, from interviews to tips and tricks. My subscription just ran out but I will be signing up again once I get Christmas out of the way, if you haven't picked up the magazine it's totally worth it. You'll take something away from each issue.

Printed photos
We have loads of photos of our childhood, which I love to look back on. Because everything is all on phones, hard drives or memory pens we forget to print them out. So this is why I started printing them out, I've found pictures that I didn't even know I had which is always a plus.

Bullet journal
This year was the start of the bullet journal for me, I'm so glad I started it because it's been keeping me and my blog going. I'd be lost without it. I put up a post the other day all about my bullet journal, so definitely check that out if you want more detail. 

Tiny is our new little dog, she's the best wee thing. She may be small, but she is not afraid to get involved with all the other doggies in my house. Here is a post all about her here.

New job
About May time I left my old job and started the one I'm in now, I couldn't be more grateful for, even if I'm complaining about work. It's a job, which is hard to come by. If it wasn't for getting along with my workmates I don't think I would have stuck it so long. The same line of work but different companies if your wondering.

Attended my first blogger event
This year I got invited to my first ever blogger event, which was so exciting, the Kiss Summer Party. I've met some lovely bloggers from this event and some of which I'd actually call friends. Us bloggers need to  have each other back in the community so having friends who know what you're up against makes that wee bit easier, here's a post all about it

What have you been loving this year? List me your favourites in the comments.

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