2017 has been a weird year in general, so much has happened. Good and bad. So I want to share with you a few of my favourite moments of the year. We all have our bad times, trust me so believe you me. Not everything this year has been 100% fine, I'm in one now so I'm going to shut up. And let you have a sneak peek into my 2017

First foreign holiday
I went to Tenerife for the first time this year, it was definitely one of the best things I done. Just to get away from everything for a week. I'd definitely go back to Tenerife in a heartbeat, even though I did get sunburnt but it was well worth it.

This year is the year Tiny came into our life, she's the cutest wee thing to exist. I mean look at her in her Halloween dress, you can read her doggie post here.

Met a few bloggers from NI
Back in March, I think I first met a few of the bloggers from NI, I was so nervous because I didn't know what to expect. It was so lovely to get to meet all the girls at lunch and to actually have people to talk about blogging with.

Attended my first blogger event
In June this year, I attended my first ever blogger event, the Kiss summer party. I loved it bloggers, amazing hosts from Alex Silver pr, open bar, lashes and nails. Here's my blog post all about it.

My youngest nephew was born
This my youngest nephew Noah was born in March this year, so he's almost 9 months now. Which is so scary, I love when they're at that age where they are just discovering the world and their personality.

The blog turned 1
It's been a year and a half since I started my blog and I can't believe I'm actually still working on it. As you may know, this is my third-time lucky blogging. I'm so glad I've stuck it this time and gave myself a chance. I've met some people I would actually consider friends, which I really can't complain about.

At the very start of this year Sherlock season, 4 was finally on our screen, best yet. If you haven't watched Sherlock definitely check it out, it's so worth it. 4 seasons with 3 episodes per season. Watch it in one weekend no bother.

And that was 2017, hope you all had a lovely year.

Love Lauren xx

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