30 before 30

A few weeks ago I saw on Sanne from the YouTube channel Books and Quills, about her 30 before 30 life update here is Sanne's video. Then more recent I watched Lucy Moon create her 30 before 30 goals, check her video out here. So you might have guessed right, yes I am writing my goals.

1. Travel more

2. Stay creative

3. Move out
4. Pay more attention to my health and fitness

5. Be in a job I enjoy

6. Put more time & effort into charites

7. Take more photos

8. Get a tattoo

9. Visit Harry Potter studio in London

10.See Adam Lambert live

11. Learn to cook

12. Take up Swimming lessons

13. Learn to drive

14. Remeber to keep oraginsed

15. Read more

16.Get lazor hair removel

17. See a musical live

18. Get a faimly photo

19. Watch more classic films, the ones that I’ve said I’ve watched but haven’t. The cult favourites. The ones that everyone has watched 

20. Be a nicer person

21. Read A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones books)

22.Save money

23. See The Nutcracker ballet

24. Actually be orgainsed for Christmas before December, at least once

25. Own a dressing table

26. Take doggies to the beach

27. To be able to do my makeup somewhat decent

28. See the Northern Lights

29. Book an Afternoon tea

30. Spend as much time with friends and family as I can

Have you ever thought of making a list like this? Or have you even gave it a second thought?

Love Lauren xx

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