And on the first day of Blogmas*

On the first day we talk about all of my favourite festive things to do over the Christmas period. I've my Iced Gingerbread Yankee Candle burning in the background while I'm writing this. I'm feeling very festive right now. So stick on the Christmas tunes, don't worry I have you sorted here's a ready made playlist on Sptify for you.

I love everything that comes with Christmas, the food, music, films and most important people coming together. The content from YouTubers and Bloggers, that's why I love December. So much cosey vibes coming our way, fairy lights and all.
I said to myself this year I'd read 20 books, is that going to happen? Nope. I also said to myself last year that I'd read 2/3 of the books that I'm going to mention. Did that happen? Nope.  But anyway I want to try and get some of these read by the end of the year. 

Now do any if you remember Barbie and the Nutcracker? It was out when I was wee, there was a special doll and film out. Ever since this I've loved the story of the nutcracker and the music of it. I couldn't find the exact copy that I own, but here's a pretty copy I found on Amazon.

Now I love an anthology, so a bunch of short stories surrounding Christmas sounds pretty good to me. My True Love Gave to Me, sounds pretty good to me. I think I need to start this right away don't I? Pick it up here.

A recent purchase for me is Tanya's Christmas, which I've been loving recently. It's filled with recipes, traditions and stories in the build up to Christmas. So it's the perfect read for this time of year. I've been dipping in and out of it, I love what Tanya has done with the book, I picked mine up here

I can't get enough of Christmas films, even the cheesy ones  that not much people have watched. The Polar Express is one of my favourite animated films, it's about this boy who doesn't believe in Santa, but on Christmas eve The Polar Express arrives at his doorstep. To the North Pole of course. It just captures the essence of being a child at Christmas, waiting on Santa, running down stairs to open presents. Christmas is magical when your younger isn't it?

The Grinch will always be on my list of movies to watch at this time of year, he's so sarcastic I love it. Jim Carrey is probably the only actor to pull of the role of The Grinch. I will forever watch it. If you haven't watched The Grinch where have you been? You'll not regret it, trust me.

Oh Love Actually, what a film. A bunch of really amazing actors, Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson, Liam Neeson, Colin Firth. And Hugh Grant of course. A film that follows all of these characters and  their story. Which all have these connections, it's such a heart warming watch. 

Repping that Hufflepuff life.

What to do?
 I love decorating the tree and the house, I love getting the Christmas tree out. We actually have ours up from last week, which is really early for us. But my littlest nephew lives with us so seeing his reaction was lovely,

- Visiting the Christmas markets, I love looking around the stalls to see what they're selling. Then we've the beer tents, which you can never go wrong with. 

- Having a Christmas day, spending the day watching films, eat a shit ton of chocolate. While wearing all the cosey pj's and fluffy socks. Perfect.

- * Adding touches of Christmas decorations to your bedroom, a few weeks back Printiki got in contact with me. They wanted me to try out there photo printing system, I love printed photos. There's nothing better than looking back at old memories. So it seemed like a perfect match. 

I put some of my prints along my cork board which has been one of my favourite ways is display photos and prints. And I had some of theses Santa pegs from last year, which are the cutest. I think I picked them up from Tiger. Get yourself some wrapping string, a few photos, does the trick. Bit of tinsel around the outside of the board, along with a few prints from the lovley Jemma from the blog Dorkface etsy shop. I just love her shop and everything she represents, definitely check her out. 

I took some inspiration from Printiki's Instagram, link here, I decided to make a Christmas tree out of my prints. I found these little red snowflakes from the pound shop as blog props originally, I thought it would be perfect as my tree topper. I used a total of 12 photos for the tree, I added a few Christmas photos and a pictures of few of my favourite people and doggies. Obviously. I'm obsessed with the tree and I've always wanted a wee tree for my room, so this seems the perfect fit. 

Printiki, I would defiantly go back to use their site again for prints. I do wish they had an app to use, but don't let that put you off. Trust me, the site was so easy to work from my phone. And obviously I'm not going to leave you with that, I have a code here. Which gets you free shipping on your first purchase, which you can't be bad to


Now don't get me wrong, if you don't want to use it that's ok, if you do you do. I'm looking forward to see all of your prints and how you display them.

So let me know, all about your favourite things to do around Christmas time and what your traditions are?

If I've ever been sent anything for review there will always be a *. I only support brands and products that I believe in and would personally use myself. 

Happy Blogmas!!

Love Lauren xx

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