Blogmas: a reflection

I forgot how much time and effort Blogmas takes, I say this as if I've all the experience in the world. This is my second time doing Blogmas, last year I was more prepared. So I want to share with you my experience and some of my tips to see you through the blogmas season

Don't follow the crowd
If you see a certain post that everyone is writing or a product that everyone is raving about. If you don't force yourself to write something you are not feeling. It'll show in your writing and not be the best it could be. Do you, you'll thank yourself for it.

Blogmas requires a lot of planning because blogging every day is hard work. Work with what you have at home, props etc. If you are stuck for posts, here is a Pinterest board full of Blogmas post ideas. Write a list of posts you want to write, not all of them have to be Christmassy. Once you have your 25 posts together, you can work from there.

Have a photo taking day
Once you've an idea of what you want to post, having a few hours to take photos and to edit them. It'll save you time in the long run, which then means you have more time to write.

Blog on days off work
If you are working as well as blogging like, you know how tricky this can be. So take advantage of your days off, you have to be strict with your time for sure. Don't push yourself, don't stay up late if you have an early start. I was an hour late to work the other week, not my best move.

One thing Blogmas has done for me this year is that it has made me enjoy my blog again. Which is something I was really struggling with before starting my posts? So I'm thankful for that, I've found my love of writing again. Something I thought I lost, so look forward to seeing more posts for me and not just for blogmas

Love Lauren xx

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