Bullet Journal + page ideas

This year I started up the bullet journal, which is something I've really enjoyed. It's a weird one to explain, so I'm going to leave a few videos and websites for you. I'll never explain the bullet journal very well, so links are the best way and Pinterest is your best friend.


What I love about the bullet journal?

I love how personalised it is, you're not limited to the planners already printed out for you. You don't have to stick by the strict page by page, you create your journal along the way. Make it as minimal or arty as you please, there's no right or wrong answer.

Now I don't stick to the 'proper' way of bullet journal, I just use it my own way and hope for the best. I tried the key, weekly layouts the lot. But it just wasn't working for me, I couldn't stick to it all. So it's all trial and error really to find out what works for you and what doesn't. But it helps me keep track of my blog and plan out the blog post, which is the main reason I wanted to start bullet journalling in the first place.

I'm very minimal with my journal, I'm not at all an arty person. So I think it's best that I stay well away from it all tbh. Bit of coloured pencils and the odd bit of washi tape does the job for me. I

Page ideas

Yearly calendar
Just a quick overlook of the year.

Yearly goals
I like to write these down to remind me of them throughout the year.

Trust me if you have a big family, this page comes in so handy.

Books I've read this year
I like to keep track of what I am reading so I can review a book that I've read throughout the year.

Films I've watched 
I want to watch some more classic films that I haven't watched. The cult classics, the ones that everyone loves. I'm sick of hearing,ohh have you watched so and so and my reply is no. So there's number 1 goal of 2018.

TV shows I've watched
I watch a lot of shows, believe me. So keeping track of where I'm at keeps my head straight.

Social media tracker
I couldn't care less when it comes to numbers, but I just like to keep an eye on everything. Just to see the craic.

Jan - Dec blog posts
So handy to have all of the blog posts all in one place, if I have an idea for a few months ahead. I can just stick it in no bother.

Blog post ideas
If I'm having a brain fart and can't think of what to publish, this is a godsend. Just for ever some inspiration or to actually take an idea from the list.

Year in pixels
Now I saw this on Pinterest originally. Basically for the whole year colour in a wee square, corresponding to how the day went. Shit day, good day, brilliant day. I haven't done this, this year but 2018 is the year I want to try this out. Let's see how I get on.

Gratitude log
I'm trying this our this month and I'm really enjoying it, so I thought I might as well continue it on into the New Year.

Monthly calendar 
I really wanted a new way to start the month of. Usually, I would write the numbers and days all down the side, but I was bored. So instead of explaining what way I want to try it out, here's a picture above. I'm going to circle any important dates of the month and just write around the blank space. 

. The whole bullet journal is so confusing to start with, but once you have done a bit of research. You'll be grand, it's all about how you want it. Don't feel pressured to make it all fancy and perfect, it's your bullet journal at the end of the day

If you have any bullet journal tips, let me know. I could be doing with them. Or have you never heard of the bullet journal system before? I wonder how much times I've written bullet journal in this post lolol

Love Lauren xx

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