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It's been a while since I done a post all about bloggers I've been loving. Sharings caring after all. I'm going to share with you a post for you to check out, as they are some of my favourites

Lauren the Daydreamer
Lauren is a fellow Irish blogger, who I've talked on twitter for ages now.  So when I finally got around to meeting her back in March, it was so lovely when you meet people and you just click straight away.  Lauren's photography is amazing, just go look through her Instagram feed and her blog. If she could teach me her ways that would be great. She hits the nail on the head with her post all about social media and the pros & cons, we're so addicted to our phones and social media. Everyone should definitely check Lauren's post out.

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Kyles'  blog is a recent discovery for me, she talks about the subjects people don't really write about. But I'm so glad people like Kyles are making a dent in the market and making people aware. It's made me feel really inspired to talk about it more myself in the future. I'm proud of her for writing this post about her depression and sharing her experiences. I hope she continues on with posts like this because they're amazing.

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I love AJ's blog, she's ambassador for Lumos which is J.K Rowling's charity to raise money worldwide. To stop the institutionalisation of children. Anyway, AJ knows the way to my heart. She loves Harry Potter, reading and films, I think we would get along. As someone who has never been to a festival, but would really like to. I learnt a lot from this post, I'm sure if you've been to a festival yourselves you'll understand some of these lessons learnt.

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Katie Andrew the blog
Katie is such a genuine, lovely girl. She launched her blog at the start of the year and she's done amazing for herself. About March time me and a few bloggers from NI met up and went for lunch, and Katie herself was there. But I'm near sure that's was the first and last time I've met her in person. Her style is amazing and she has some amazing recipes on her blog, which I haven't tried for myself yet. But damn they look good. Her friendship she put up a few weeks back now, I think everyone can relate to for sure. Well worth the read.

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Leanne from Thunder and Threads
I've been following Leanne on twitter for a good wee while now, and I love everything that she stands for. She's so ballsy, she's not afraid to share her opinions no matter the topic. Which is why I'll continue to follow her, all us bloggers and influencers could definitely take leaf out of Leanne's book. If we feel strongly about a certain topic, and it's something more people should be talking about. Yeah, we should be discussing it, to make people aware, this post that I've linked Irish or not. You need to read it, 1 to understand the situation going on in Ireland. 2 to see the impact even one post can do. To carry on a discussion and make people think. We need to be more people like Leanne.

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An open letter to Irish influencers & bloggers

Katy Belle
I love Katy and her blog, her fashion sense is out of this world. If you want to follow a blogger who's just straight to the point, no bullshit. She doesn't just write all about fashion, Katy talks about the stuff that everybody goes through. Body image issues, comparing yourself to others and growing up, amongst many other amazing posts. I think that's the key to her success, she's truly herself and nobody can take that away from her.

Post to check out
A note on body image

Sara from Hello Sara Lou
It's been a long time since I've been having chats with Sara on Twitter, we both live in Northern Ireland. But didn't get to meet to June time this year, I was all biz when we finally met. Sara talks about books, food and lifestyle, her post about the pressure we set on ourselves is one of my favourites. As a collective, we put so much pressure on ourselves, for even the small things in life. I think we've all felt this from time to time, so I'm glad Sara put this post out in the world. It's a topic I think we should all be talking about.

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Victoria from Retro Snowflakes
Last but not certainly least, the lovely Victoria. I love watching her insta stories to see how she's getting on. Her posts all about her fitness have really inspired me this year to give me a kick up the backside, that I needed. Being a vegan is really interesting to me because I'm not a vegan myself. I love people's story all about it, so I loved reading all about her story. I couldn't say a bad word about Victoria, she's so lovely and if you haven't checked her blog out, where have you been.

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How and why I turned vegan

Who have you been loving reading lately? Leave your suggestions below, I love finding new blogs to read.

Love Lauren xx

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