Laur recommends: YouTubers

I love watching YouTube, I thought I'd share with you who I've been watching recently. I couldn't get into watching YouTube for ages, it's a weird one to explain.  I guess there was nothing I really wanted to watch any more. I guess I was bored it. But this took me ages to get out of, I think unsubscribing to channels that I didn't watch any more helped shake myself. And felt like a new feed of videos. So here deserves all the love and support.

Kate La Vie
Kate is the Queen of interiors, the da I have my own place can Kate do the interiors? Just go to her Instagram feed, you'll not regret it. Here is her Instagram here. I love watching her vlogs recently since she is doing vlogmas. I've been watching Kate for ages now and following her blog and I will continue to do so.

I'll watch Alix's video no matter what she uploads, there is something about Alix I find so relaxing. Her beauty declutter videos where so satisfying to watch, please tell me you love declutter videos too?

Allana is only a recent discovery for me in the past few months,  and I've been obsessed. She makes makeup look easy, that even I can do it. Her personality shines through each video, which I love to see. Which can be very difficult to find on YouTube now, Allana is an all-around lovely girl.

It was at some point this year I started watching Emma, you can tell you love what she does. I'm obsessed with her sense of style, it's so different to anyone I've seen.  She needs to teach me makeup skills, that would be great. What I can't believe is how is she only just hitting over 100k subs, trust me she deserves it all.

If you need some hair inspiration, Kayley is your girl. She has so many tutorials on her channel for loads of different hair textures, so I'm grateful for her short hair tutorials. I love to see what she creates next, especially for festive hairstyles for this time of year

Leave me your YouTube recommendations below, I do love finding someone new to watch.

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