Nice list

Merry Christmas, everyone. I hope you are all having a lovely day so far and have just woken up from after dinner nap. They are the best kind of naps let's be honest. As we're on our last day of Blogmas I thought it would be nice to write a gratitude log for every day of December, then share it on Christmas day.

1. The Late Late toy show was on TV

2. A lay-in on a Saturday

3.Bought Bleach London reincarnation mask

4. Nice lay in (can you tell I like sleep)

5. Finally planned post for the rest of Blogmas

6. Secret Santa draw with a few bloggers here in NI

7. Trip to Ikea

8. Snow day

9. Finally finished Christmas shopping, apart from drink and sweets.

10. Didn't move all day, Christmas films all around

11. Caught up on The Walking Dead, dude wtf

12. Chill night not working

13. Got through work

14. Don't let me wrap presents

15. Didn't start work to 4.15

16. Caught up on Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow.

17. Work Christmas do 

18. Worth going to work after that night out

19. What a long day, so glad to see my bed

20. Peaky Blinders final, what an episode

21. Officially done with Christmas shopping

22. Last long day at work

23. Last day in work, not back to Tuesday

24. Christmas Eve, films all day

25. Merry Christmas everyone, stay safe everyone.

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