The Christmas tag

The lovely Amy from the blog Fleur du Belle tagged me to do The Christmas tag. Which I was all biz about because I was actually looking to do a Christmas tag. But I couldn't find any, so a huge thank you to Amy for the tag.

What's your favourite Christmas movie?
I could give a list of all of the Christmas movies, but if I had to give you one. It would be The Grinch, I love The Grinch. I can't believe I haven't watched this year, I must fix that stat. Because that doesn't sit right with me lol.

Where do you usually spend Christmas?
At home, everyone usually calls to mine Christmas morning. By everyone I mean my Mummy, my brothers, sisters, nephews and niece. So my house just is madness Christmas morning, with everyone running in and out and with the dogs. Crazy.  After my dinner and once I've had a nap, I would usually call to my friend's house. We would usually have a few hours together, to give presents and that.

What's the best present you have ever received?
I remember when I was younger I would get Barbie dolls and Bratz. I loved them, it was my Barbie and the Nutcracker dolls I had, Barbie had this real pretty ballerina dress on. But the Nutcracker was weird, it was obviously a Ken doll. It had this weird extra head as an accessory, to make him look like the Nutcracker in the film. Barbie and the Nutcracker, I hope to god that one of you remember this because it was the best. I'm near sure the nutcracker ken had a removable head, imagine he didn't & I'm just taking crap lol.

Is your Chrismas tree real or fake?
We've never had a real tree in our house, so we've only had a fake. It's stressful af, ours is one of those ones that go into the stand branch by branch. Every branch has a different letter and does my head in. I always somehow get landed with doing that job and I don't know why.

What's your favourite Christmas memory?
This Christmas day marks the third anniversary of my Daddy's passing, but that Christmas morning before it all happened. He was dancing and singing to his new cd he got, that last Christmas morning with him. We weren't expecting this to happen so quickly, I will always hold that morning close to my heart. I didn't think it was possible for one day to start with such laughs but end in such heartbreak. I'm emosh, next question.

What's your favourite Christmas food?
All of it, chocolate, Christmas dinner, nap, turkey sandwiches. 

Do you have special pyjamas just for Christmas?
Primark does some really nice pj's for Christmas, I love pj's all year round but especially their Christmas ones. But my Mummy would usually get me Christmas pj's, at the age of 22 that never gets old

Do you have any Christmas traditions?
Christmas traditions, every Christmas Eve Mummy would still get us pjs. That's the present we are allowed to open on Christmas Eve so we have them. I love a Christmas Eve bath and pamper night.Then have some turkey and stuffing. I love the smell of the turkey cooking on Christmas Eve it's one of my favourite smells. All while a wee film on in the background, I love Christmas Eve.

Tell me some of your favourite things about Christmas

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