The undo list

Guess where I first saw this? Pinterest, obviously. The undo list is basically stuff you want to stop doing, to undo so to speak. 

Stop procrastinating  
I start something but I'm very easily distracted by everything. Go tidy my room, I'll be napping in a half hour. Write a blog post, I'll start watching TV or YouTube. It's great. I need to improve my life lol. I need someone constantly nagging in my ear to tell me to do stuff.

Buying books without reading them or the ones on  my shelf
As much as I love going to bookshops or scrolling through Amazon. I'm terrible at just not reading but always buying. I should start shopping from my bookshelf, I need to read more full stop.

Be more interactive online
One thing I don't make enough time for is commenting on other people's blogs, Instagram and chatting on twitter. I want to just get to know other bloggers and get to make more connections online.

Think before I speak
I don't think, when I'm in one I don't care what I say to anyone. Even if it does hurt their feelings, I need to stop. That is it I just need to stop, it's not nice to make people feel awful about something in the past again.

Feeling guilty for taking time away.
I think everyone should take this on board.Whether it's taking a half hour a day just away from everything or taking time out from your blog or online space. Both I do on a regular basis, but the guilt eats away at me. I think this one I'll gradually learn to do.

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