This time next year tag

Last year during Blogmas, I took part in the 'this time next year' tag. And I thought it would be fun to do a little update and set new goals for myself.

Here's a throwback to my first blogosphere magazine, this time last year.
Last years goals,
I want to still be blogging. 
I will have upgraded my phone. 
I will have lost a bit of weight. x2/3 which isn't too bad but tbh could've down a tiny bit better. But it didn't happen and that's that, no point in dwelling about is there.

Take action on my health/fitness

These past few years I've had trouble with my periods and a few other things, which is a whole other blog post. But anyway, I want to take it all a bit serious. So my goal is to lose a few pounds and to do a bit more exercise. Whether that's at the gym or at home I don't really mind, let see what happens.

Read more books
I've just been really unmotivated to read for the majority of the yeat, it's been really annoying me. But I'm not going to set the goal of reading so many books in a year. Because that just completely puts me off, weird right. If the mood takes, I'll read a few pages.

Keep on top of my blog and bullet journal
Now something I've been terrible with this year, I just was so overwhelmed with everything going on this year. So I want to set aside a few days a week, where I can, to write my blog and plan the week ahead or month ahead in my bullet journal. 

Do you have goals set for the year ahead? Leave them in the comments I'd love to hear all about them/

Love Lauren xx

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