What lip products I've been using

I love a good lipstick, liquid lipstick, the lot. Basically. I own far too much lip products for one person to use, I'll admit that. So here's the ones that haven't been removed from my makeup bag or handbag for while now. 

So here we have a very lame attempt at making a christmas tree shape from lipsticks. I tried, I failed. The thought was there anyway.

The nudes

I love Soap and Glory makeup, their face makeup is pretty good too. But these lipsticks don't feel at all drying on the lips. So easy to wear everyday, it's such a gorgeous colour. I'd definitely check out Soap and Glory's lip stuff if you haven't already. Best about.

I love these liquid lipsticks, I've legit bought people this because it's that good. And the colour too is stunning, because I'm so pale it's hard to find a perfect nude. I think this may be the one I'll always fall back on, if I don't know what to wear on the lips. This is the one.

My first Mac lipstick, I'm so glad I picked this up. It's a more of a dark nude than the rest of these shades, but it's like a 90's vibe of nude. Mac lipsticks are definitely are worth the hype, I feel. Now I've only tried the one so.

The perfect in between of a nude and a red tone. If ever I want to wear a red but can't deal with the commitment, this is the one. I'm so glad I made an order from Colourpop, best thing I could've bought. 


Top to bottom | Cinnamon Beige| Sandstorm | Whirl | Frick n Frack|

The Bold

I bought this at the start of the year, end of last year time. Basically because Rhianna from the blog Rhianna Olivia kills it when she wears it. It doesn't move, if I'm going for red it's either this or the next lippy I'm going to talk about. The best red, red shade you could ask for. Red, red. I need sleep right now.

I think I seen this originally seen this on Zoella's channel, a good few years ago now. This is my 2nd tube of this, reason being I think I lost my 1st or something stupid like that. Sure wouldn't be me. But omg, it's the perfect berry shade for this time of year. Once it hits this time of year, I get my my use out of this shade that's for sure.

This is the brightest colour out of them all, I don't find these completely matte. And they take a minute to dry down, but I don't mind that, gives you time to work with the product. They feel very mousy would be the word I think, it's not the most opaque purple in the world. But it's nothing I can't work with to make it work, I'm really enjoying using it.

Top to bottom| Fiery| 107| Wuthering purple|

Day 2 done. Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? I haven't and I don't want to think about right now.

Love Lauren xx

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