2017 where did you go? It's gone by so quickly, so much has happened this year. Both good and bad, we lost people, we lost relationships but we gained new friendships and new memories. Which is something I'll always carry with me.

There we have it, Blogmas is over for another year. Tough going, not going to lie, full credit goes to you daily bloggers out there. I applaud you. I took the rest of last week off, just to spend time with friends and family. It was so good to take time to clear my head and feel inspired again. So we're back in full force.

So 2018, you're already looking good Friends is on Netflix. What a way to enter the New Year, currently watching A New Hope and I've the day off work. What more can I ask for, I've still my pj's on and I'm not moving the rest of the day. If you want to see what I want to achieve this year, here are my goals that I set myself. Whether I complete these or not, but the effort has been put in.

Have any of you decided to do any reading challenges this year? I'm trying this year again, yes you heard it right. I'm giving it another go. Made another Goodreads account and everything. I don't know what to do, will I add more reviews on to the blog or just leave them all on Goodreads? Let me know what you think? 

Here is my Goodreads account, if you fancy following my 2018 challenge. 

I hope you had a lovely Christmas if  you don't celebrate I hope you've had the best few days. and hope you've spent New Years with the people you love and care about. Here's a fantastic 2018 and hope you get everything out of this year that you hope for.

Love Lauren xx

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