Favourite makeup brushes

Now I'm not the best at makeup, I just wing it and hope for the best. I love brushes and I do have probably too much for one person, but I don't care, they get used one way or another. So I thought it would be handy to share with you some of my favourite brushes that I use every day. Well, every day that I use makeup.

Now before we get stuck in, 90% of my brushes are from Real Techniques, I got a set for Chrismas a year or two ago. And I've picked up sets and single brushes myself. And I do have the odd wee brush that isn't Real Techniques, so let's get stuck in.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

This sponge is a wee babe, it's something I will always repurchase forever. It works well with everything, blending in foundation, concealer cream products. Anything really, I can't be without my sponge these days. You can't go wrong.

Spectrum A10 small fan brush
If you love to highlight you need a fan brush in your life if you have a palette of a few shades of highlight. A fan brush is so good to mix with shades, I love Spectrum brushes, I've had this for over a year now and it's one of the best I've bought.

Real Techniques Duo Fiber brush, (part of set)
I love this brush for bronzer, it doesn't pick up a lot of product. Which is so good for my pale self, you can build up the bronzer which I like because bronzer scares me. It can make or break my makeup.

Real techniques contour brush (part of set)
Another thing that scares me is contour, I haven't a clue but this brush makes it a wee bit easier. It's small enough to contour, is that a thing. It is now. But it blends to contour so well when I can be bothered with the whole contour thing.

Real Techniques buffing brush (part of set)
Such a good brush for everything, foundation, powder. I've been using it powder my face recently and I've been loving it, it's fluffy but dense at the same time.

Zoeva 230 luxe pencil brush rose gold edition
My one and only Zoeva brush, I really want to pick up more from them. They are affordable but are still brilliant quality, Iove this brush to go under the eyes with a shadow. What I've been loving doing is using a pencil eyeliner and blending it out with this brush, it's so for blending out but just a wee bit. Which is what I want for the likes of under the eyes.

Ruby large tapered eyeshadow blending brush (part of set)
I got this as part of the November 2016 birch box, which I'm so glad I did. I haven't stopped using it, my favourite blending brush, I will always use this no matter how much blending brushes I own. It works so well with any shadows I've used.

Real Techniques deluxe crease brush (part of set)
Do you ever get when you're doing your eyeshadow and it's not blending? This is the brush that fixes that because there are so many bristles and the brush and how fluffy it is, it gets the job done.

Spectrum A07 full-colour brush
Another Spectrum brush, I love this for packing colour on the lid because it's so small and together. And the name full colour couldn't be any more on point for this brush.

Have you picked up any of these brushes? Let me know and recommend me some of your favourites

Love Lauren xx

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