Another book haul

I don't need any more books, but me being me I ended up with six more since my last haul in December. Sure we all know that was going to happen anyway, I know of 2 books that I want to pick up. But I want to get stuck into the books I already have before I buy anymore, hopefully.  I've seen these books all over the place and buy all over the place I mean on the internet.

If you're wondering where I got the bookmark from I got Jemma's Dorkface shop, which I will forever love and support. Check her Etsy shop here.

This is what I'm currently reading, I'm only about 20 - 30 pages in. But I'm really enjoying it, it's about the world Suzanne Vale's life, a fiction novel. It follows her journey in rehab and how she deals with her addictions. This is how far I've got, but I really want to continue on with it. Plus it's Carrie Fisher, this will not be the first book I will pick up from her. 

How To Stop Time sounds such an interesting read, about Tom Hazard but he has a rare condition and has been alive for centuries. He's seen a lot, changed his identity but there's a catch he can't fall in love I really want to get stuck into this soon, sounds like something I would enjoy. 

Everyone's been reading this and raving about it. But the title Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine, define fine? The name of this book really draws me in, what does fine mean, it's such meh word I can't wait to read this & see does it lie up to the hype.

I've seen this for a few years but never read it. I actually bouught it on iTunes to read on my phone. But I never read it, everyone loves it, kind of the reason why I want to keep my options with this one.

Ok, I have a confession, I watched the show before I even considered reading the book. I absolutely loved The Handmaid's Tale show, definitely, recommend the watch. Enough about the show, I really want to read the book. Set in a dystopian world, where all the fertile woman are handmaids that basically is there just to have a baby. Basically. But the whole Gilead is ruled by a twisted fundamentalist society. So I really want to read, to see how it the book and the show compare.

Another Margaret Atwood novel, I've never read any of her work before but yet I picked up 2 of books in the same amazon shop. What I do know from reading online, it follows Felix and Artistic Director and is building himself up for revenge if the loss of his daughter. So yeah, I'll let you know I how I get on with this one, it sounds like a tough read.

I love book hauls they make excited to read again, which I can't complain about. I really can't wait to get stuck into all of these books, I hope I've picked up some good reads.

Love Lauren xx

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