Marley & me

It's Saturday 28th May 2016, my last day in work before my week off work. My 21st was 3 days later, week of celebration. So back to the Saturday 12-hour shift in work, everything that could've gone wrong, went wrong. But my brother said he would pick me up from work because he just so handly was about. So I went home and Mummy got me the best present I could've ever asked for my Marley boy.

He was the funniest dog about, he loved torturing all our dogs. Started everything, caused chaos. I've never met a dog like him & I don't think I ever will. 

He actually didn't mind wearing wee outfits, now I didn't put them on all the time only for likes of Halloween, I think he would've hated me trying to put something on him every other day.  This is probably one of my favourite pictures of Marley and Belle, the terrible two. They were both only a few months old here, in my Grannys a few days before Halloween 2016. My Granny loved seeing them call in & all of our dogs over the years all loved her.

I mean why does he look as if he's smiling.

When I got him, he had this little squeaky elephant. He had loads of them, he kept breaking or losing them. Marley loved his squeaky toys, and smaller toys so he could throw them up in the air. No joke, he had a good throw on him.

Yeah, this happened.

I got this amazing duvet set for Christmas, and of course, Marley loved it. He loved his comfort and bed, he was me in dog form. He just went and done what he wanted. If everyone was doing his head he would've gone up the stairs out of the way. Then arrived back down a few hours later all concerned. 

He might have thought he was a wee tough guy, but he had a wee soft soul. He might have been crazy at times but he would've sat with you and put his paw on you. Marley played the dogs up big time, they loved playing with him. Our Fizz is old & can't really be annoyed at times, but he would've gone over to her and licked her face. 

January 11th, 2018 me and Mummy went out for a night, we thought the front gate was closed. The dogs wanted out, but they started barking and Mummy went out to see what happened. The gate was opened and the dogs got out. He got knocked down, what makes it worse the driver didn't stop. Someone else found him. I don't  blame the driver, it, unfortunately, happens all the time. Sadly, he's not with us anymore and I'm heartbroken. 

I love and miss you everyday Marley moo, you will forever be my wee boy.

Love Lauren xx

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