About me/FAQ

Hi Lauren Catherine here!!

Basically I really want to try this whole blog thing again, yes again. So here we are, as I am writing this I don't know what I'am going to be writing about but I guess that is the fun of it!!

What age am I?

23, my birthday is June 1st

Where am I from?

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Do you work?

Yes, I work full time so balancing blogging and a job is a learning curve

When do you post?

Currently, it's every and Sunday at 6.30pm

Any piercings/tattoos?

I have both of my lobes pierced twice my tragus pierced and I now have the one tattoo. Me and my best friend got matching tatts, of an owl with a little Bowie lighting bolt. For the love of Bowie.

Do you have any pets?
Over the years I've had 7 dogs, let's meet them all:

What did you use to create your blog?

Everything that I used is linked below.

Etsy shop where I bought my blog theme

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